What is Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl sticker are one of the methods of labeling, and it have a wide application for different situations. Car merchandising for speaker brands and performance modification brands are the biggest usage of vinyl stickers. These car enthusiasts will apply these brand vinyl stickers on their car and many times multiple different brands of stickers on the side fender. It is also a tool that is often used as merchandise give away, popular brands will print out vinyl stickers to give away in their promotions. These promotion stickers will be used by the brands loyal fans and stick on any surface, and the brand receives more exposure.


Stickers made by vinyl substrate perhaps are one of the strongest sticker that can be manufactured at an affordable price. Vinyl stickers can be applied on different materials and typically last for years, and if over lamination is applied, the life time of the vinyl can even be longer. Different brands prints out different size of vinyl stickers, typically the max size is around 1.3 meters because that is the limit of commonly available commercial digital printers. Vinyl Sticker can be produced by feeding PVC substrate into digital printer eg. HP220. PVC substrates comes with a variety of different stands and formats, however they are typically categories into 3 types. Mono being a short term cheapest solution out of all vinyls, this level of substrate is not stretchable and is also not as easy to apply to surfaces compared to other options. Cast is the most expensive vinyl substrate, its typically 3~5 times more expensive then monomeric,  but its elasticity and durability are the reason for customers to pay for the premium. Cast vinyl stickers are often used for Vehicle Signage Brisbane.

After the substrate are feed into the digital printer, next step is to chose the artwork to be printed, and remember to set the print ready files requested from the printer. Every printer have different ways to work with print file. When the printing is finished, way for the print to settle for a bit and then load the printed vinyl into a vinyl plotter/cutter and load the decal file into the computer. The machine will pick up the registration points and once all the points are detected, the plotting process will be ready to start. It is understandable that there will be a degree of error for vinyl plotting, usually with 1mm depending the size of the vinyl you are cutting. The larger the cutting size, the vinyl tends to move a big when feeding through machine and hence the cutting might be not as accurate then cutting small stickers.

When the vinyl is plotted out, next stage is to pick out the residuals and use an application tape to apply over the sticker. Once the sticker is ready to be applied, remove the backing paper and apply the vinyl sticker and later remove the application tape. It is important to seek professional advice www.bigwaveprinting.com.au when installing vinyl signages.